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Technical Program

Dear PSBB19 authors,

Rebuttal phase is complete. Thanks to all who took into account reviewers comments and uploaded a corrected version. Preliminary Technical Program is arranged according with the results of rebuttal period and published here. Due to restrictions of room and time some changes in type of presentation are made in Preliminary Technical Program compared with the list of accepted papers.

Information for presenters can be found here.

Please note:

1. For your full paper being published in ISPRS Archives or PSBB19 proceedings at least one author’s registration fee should be paid before April 03, 2019.

2. At least one author has to present the paper at the Workshop.

3. Registration fee will increase by 50% after March 20, 2019.

For authors who needs visa for attending the Workshop: please download and fill in this form and send the request for visa support and attached scan of your passport to psbb@gosniias.ru.

Please take into account that process of receiving visa for Russia can take up to 4 – 8 weeks depending on your country of residence.