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Information for Presenters


All presenters are to upload and to check their presentations before the
presentation time.


You can upload your presentation as a new version of your submission via
PSBB19 website using «Author console», substituting your camera-ready
paper. It will be available for you at the Meeting Room Computer for
check and presentation. Also you can upload your presentation in the
Meeting Room during the breaks in theWorkshop. Please contact technical
secretary in the Meeting Room for uploading your presentation.


Please check if your presentation is displaying properly and video and
audio files are playing correct before starting your Technical session

Presenter Equipment in the Meeting Room

The Meeting room is be equipped with:
LCD Projector (aspect ratio 16:9; resolution 1920×1080)
Notebook with MS PowerPoint
Monitor, Keyboard, and Wired Mouse
VGA cable for presenting with your own Notebook
◦ Note: please bring any necessary adapters

Using a USB Mass Storage Device (Flash Drive):
Bring your USB device to Meeting Room.
Technicians will assist you in loading your presentation to the Meeting
Room Computer.
After loading your presentation you will be able to access it through
the link in presentations schedule according your presentation time.
Please load your presentation to the Meeting Room Computer at least
two hours before your scheduled talk; earlier is always better.

Using your notebook or other External Device:
Connect to the VGA cable from multimedia projector
If your notebook does not have an VGA port, please make certain you
have the proper adapter

Poster Presentation

Display area
0.95m x 1.20m (A0, 37 inches x 47 inches). Push pins or tape will be
provided to hang your poster.
Poster presentations are hard-copy (paper/poster) format only
Posters must fit within the designated space listed above
The most successful and attractive posters are graphically-produced
posters that highlight and summarize
the main points, with the poster presenter filling in the details

Poster Presentation Should Include:
The paper title and all authors at the top of the
A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail,
conclusions, and references (make sure this
information is presented in a logical and clear
Explanations for graphs, pictures, and tables.
Please include PSBB19 logo in your oral/poster presentation.

Font Sizes (suggested minimum)
Title: 87 point type
List of authors: 48 point type
Headings: 44 point type
Double-spaced text: 32 point type
The entire poster layout should be readable from 1.5 . . . 3.0 meters
For poster presentation we recommend to use A0 91 x 122 Tall format.
Free templates for poster presentation can be found here.
Please include PSBB19 logo in your oral/poster presentation.